CMYK color separation for photoshop

This is a very simple and quick and effective for color separation in CMYK.

Using only Photoshop. You do not need any rip.

Start by opening our image in Photoshop and we had to CMYK: Menu-CMYK-mode image.

We go to the paddles channels and we will divide channels. We have our image divided into four files, one per color: amaraillo, cyan, magenta and black.

                                   paleta_canales.gif                                          dividir_canales.gif

The next step will be to plot points with each of the files: menu-mode-image bitmap. This is where we choose to plot point like that want to do. I will propose a proven enough to know that works well and people may be interested in starting:

    - Output resolution: minimum 200, maximum 300

    - Use: halftone

    - Screen ruling: 70 lines per inch (to 140-mesh wire), 60 lines per inch (to 120-mesh wire), 80 lines per inch (to 160-mesh wire).

    - Point elliptical or round

    - Angle: Y 90 º C 15 º M 75 º and 45 º K.

    - Mesh: aluminum or iron framework, never wood.               Haga una pregunta.png



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